What Pokémon Games Are on Switch? All 12 Games!

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Are you an avid Pokemon fan who can’t wait to go on new journeys on the Nintendo Switch? You have come to the right place if you want to know what Pokemon games are on Switch.

In this post, I have listed all the Pokemon games on Switch. So, grab your Pokeballs and get ready to catch ’em all!

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1. Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus

What Pokemon games are on Switch? It is probably the best Pokemon game on the Switch. Definitely the most unique one. It’s the only Pokemon game that lets you complete the ingame dex on your own. You will likely not be able to catch lots of Pokemon in any other games for a while.

This is the biggest step in the right direction for the series. There are tons of sidequests, great attack animations, no gimmicks including abilities, no trade evolutions, a great story, and good difficulty balance.

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It is sparsely populated, and getting through the first 2-3 hours of gameplay where they hold your hand excessively is a terrible slog. After that, though, it opens up to any rate of play you like.

2. Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield is pretty good if you count all the DLC as part of the game. One thing I also really liked was how they revamped the concept of the Gym Challenge. You still have to battle through 8 Gym Leaders, but the game’s tone and presentation make them pretty exciting and fun, even if they’re easy.

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SwSh also made a lot of effort to flesh out its characters. Unlike in most previous games, where many characters are pretty one-note and forgettable, SwSh takes effort to build their personality.

SWSH is divisive, but with the DLC, it rounded out well. Honestly, you have to pay more to get the full experience. You can also give a try to our list of best Games Like Pokemon.

3. Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee & Let’s Go Pikachu

Pokemon Let's Go Eevee & Let's Go Pikachu

The “Let’s Go” games are good if you’re a fan of Pokémon Yellow (it’s a remake/reimagining of that). It’s one of my favorite games. I like riding/following Pokémon. I love the art/style of it. Shiny hunting is awesome in the game. It’s just fun, and it looks great. Handheld mode helps with the game’s catching mechanics.

Let’s Go is not a game for new players so much as they are for taking Pokemon Go players and recasting it as Gen 1. I don’t think it’s a great snapshot of the core Pokemon experience. You can also read our article on the best Pokemon Games for Android.

4. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 

It’s fun, but the level curve just doesn’t work that well with a map this open. Scarlet and Violet offer exactly the bare skeleton of a main-line Pokemon game in an open world. The story is significantly better than in SwSh.

The game lacks some content, but if you just want the most basic main series experience with decent characters and an open world, SV might be something to look at. However, you have to be aware of the technical issues of that game (frame rate, graphics, crashes, some bugs/glitches, slow menus/battles, etc.)

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5. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

What Pokemon games are on Switch? If you rather play as a Pokémon, there’s Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX, a remake of the original game. These use randomized 2D dungeons and have you controlling the Pokemon themselves, fighting other Pokemon until you reach an objective and finish up your mission.

These games are beautiful, and the originals were fantastic.

6. Pokemon Unite 

Pokemon Unite 

If you only have 10 minutes to spare. Pokemon Unite is for you. Each match is fixed at 10 minutes. Unite is more casual. You play this free Switch mobile game with a group of five people against another group. You aim to get the most points by beating wild Pokemon, building up your own Pokemon, and beating Pokemon on the other team.

As a Pokemon fan, this game is pretty unique because you have to work together with the other four people on your team.

7. New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap

It’s so much better than the old Pokémon Snap. The graphics are gorgeous. Each area changes with day/night, and your experience level and the challenges are pretty challenging. If you like the old one, you’ll like this one.

I enjoyed New Snap and would recommend it to any Pokemon fan. Still, it’s a different kind of game than the original, which caused the experience to fizzle out for you once the initial amazement wore off.

8. Pokken Tournament DX

Pokken Tournament DX

Pokken is an awesome fighting game with a relatively low-skill floor but a super high-skill ceiling. Every character in Pokken is also viable (maybe not Gunk, the joke character, but ppl still do crazy stuff with him), and there are no clone characters in the game.

Pokken Tournament is like a mix of Pokemon and Tekken. From what I’ve heard, these are pretty solid fighting games, but not the first thing I think of when I hear Pokemon games.

9. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

BDSP is just a mess. If you want an old-school Pokemon experience, this is the one for you. But if you want any modern features, this will disappoint you.

BDSP is overall a weaker entry for experienced players but might be a decent choice for new folks. I think Gen 4 is a solid new player intro spot. Old players gripe because it doesn’t bring much to the table and just feels like a reprint, but that’s perfectly fine for a new player.

It’s just an okay game, but it’s more symbolic of what you get in Pokemon than Let’s Go or Arceus.

10. Detective Pikachu Returns

Detective Pikachu Returns

Detective Pikachu Returns is a decently fun little detective story. Don’t expect any intense logical deductions or unpredictable twists – but it’s fun enough to follow along with even so.

The relationship between Tim and Pikachu is a highlight, as are the Pokémon who help you along the way. Uninspired human character designs marry an otherwise decent presentation full of cool Pokémon and fun music.

11. Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Pokemon Cafe ReMix

The theming here is cute, but the connection to the gameplay definitely feels a bit forced. The hand-painted Pokemon artwork used in the game’s menus and lighthearted story snippets are lovely.

The artwork of different foods is creative and even a bit enticing at times, but then I’m looking at a screen full of Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle heads, and I find myself wishing the game went further with its cafe theme.

At the very least, the game keeps a pleasant tone with its light music and plucky sound effects.

12. Pokemon Quest 

Pokemon Quest 

It’s no core release, but it fills that Pokemon void a little bit. It may not be everyone’s preference, but I like the automatic gameplay where I don’t have to do anything and sit back and watch Pokemon battle it out without interaction.

This is a perfect couch game while something is on TV. Or multitasking while doing anything else. And the reward system shows that I may never have to pay for any of it.

The worst part is the lack of good controls, but I can overlook that.

How to Get a Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Games for a Low Price?

After knowing what Pokemon games are on Switch, can’t you wait to get your hands on it and enjoy it? Wait, I have some ways for you to get them at a low price.

Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Games

  • Shop for Pre-Owned Nintendo Switch Consoles: If you want to buy a pre-owned Nintendo Switch, check out local game shops or online markets like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Many users offer lower prices on consoles that are still in great Just make sure you buy from a reputable seller and check the console carefully before buying it.
  • Find Bundle Deals: Always watch for deals that include Pokemon games and a Nintendo Sometimes, stores have sales where you can save money by buying a bundle of things instead of buying each separately.
  • Try Mystery Box Platforms: Many mystery box platforms contain game mystery boxes, such as the recently popular Miracle Box, which allows you to draw a Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Games for as low as $4.99. And if you’re a new user, then you’re in luck. You can draw mystery boxes 5 times for $2.99.
  • Wait for Sales and Discounts: Patience can pay off when getting a lower price for Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Keep an eye out for deals that happen at certain times of the year, like Black Friday and other holiday sales.