11 ScaleFusion Workflows Alternatives

ScaleFusion Workflows is a Mobile Device Management, Unified Endpoint Management, and Workflow Management Platform founded by Harishankar Kannan in 2014

15 Next Matter Alternatives

Next Matter is a No-code Automation Platform founded by Jan Hugenroth in 2018 that enables users to accelerate and improve

11 Fluix Alternatives

Fluix is a Workflow Management Software founded by Andrian Budantsov and Igor Zhadanov in 2014 that enables users to automate

11 Projectsly Alternatives

Projectsly is a Project Management Software founded by Manohar Chapalamadugu in 2018 that helps teams to centralize project planning and

16 Pipefy Alternatives

Pipefy is a Workflow Automation and Management Platform founded by Alessio Alionco, Kelvin Stinghen, Leandro Johann, and Magnus in 2013

11 Process Street Alternatives

Process Street is a Workflow Management Software founded by Cameron McKay and Vinay Patankar in 2014 that enables teams to

10 NetHunt CRM Alternatives

NetHunt CRM is a Sales Automation and Customer Relationship Management Platform founded by Alex Lunkov and Andrei Petrik in 2015

13 Waybook Alternatives

Waybook is an Online Document Management and Business Process Platform founded in 2020 that provides a single location for all

12 Kommo Alternatives

Kommo is a Sales Pipeline and Hosted CRM Platform founded in 2009 that provides free setup assistance, onboarding, and continuing

12 Agendrix Alternatives

Agendrix is a Workforce Management and Employee Scheduling Platform that helps companies manage their employees’ schedules and streamline various workforce

15 Bizagi Alternatives

Bizagi is a Business Process Management and Automation Platform founded by Gustavo Gomez and Marcel Manser in 1989. It assists

12 Brevo Alternatives

Brevo, formerly known as SendinBlue, is one of the leading platforms that can provide users with an all-in-one marketing and

14 MeisterTask Alternatives

MeisterTask refers to the advanced platform offering users task management software that enables team collaboration with its intuitive, customizable Kanban-style

13 Flowbiz Alternatives

Flowbiz is an online marketplace that can offer its users a cloud-based workflow management software that provides customization of graphics

11 Tasker Alternatives

Tasker is an efficient Android app presented by Joao Dias that focuses on performing user-defined actions based on contexts activated

10 UI.Vision RPA Alternatives

UI.Vision RPA is an open-source tool and selenium IDE for test automation, Web automation, screen scraping, User interface testing, desktop

10 Integromat Alternatives

Integromat is a robust integration tool that enables global folks to achieve more in less time with fewer people in

10 Microsoft Flow Alternatives

Microsoft Flow is another great utility that boosts the productivity of individuals, businesses, and teams while bringing quality features. This

9 Apsalar Alternatives

Apsalar is a firm that provides enterprise marketers with mobile measurement and user intelligence tools that allow them to properly

11 Stillio Alternatives

Stillio, sometimes known as Stillio Automatic Screenshots, is a web-based service that collects screenshots of websites automatically and displays them