15 SELKS Alternatives

SELKS is an open-source operating system that is a Debian-based live distribution created and maintained by Stamus Network, specially designed


15 AtlasOS Alternatives

AtlasOS is an open-source modification of the windows operating system specifically designed to improve performance and latency. AtlasOS – Reforming

15 DEFT Linux Alternatives

DEFT Linux (Digital Evidence and Forensics Toolkit) is an Ubuntu-based live GNU/Linux distribution mainly used for computer-related forensics as the

15 CAINE Alternatives

CAINE, Computer Aided Investigative Environment, is an open-source Ubuntu-based Live Linux distribution managed by Nanni Bassetti, founded in 2008, and

15 Matriux Alternatives

Another open-source Linux-based Operating System, Matriux, can be used for penetration testing, forensics, and ethical hacking. Furthermore, it can be

15 Wifislax Alternatives

Wifislax is an open-source GNU/Linux Wireless distribution based on Slackware developed by SeguridadWireless.net that is designed for computer security, forensics,

15 Tails Alternatives

Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System is a portable & Debian-based Linux Distribution operating system that ensures security, privacy, and