Super Mario Bros 2: Reasons to Wait for the Movie

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After the Super Mario Bros. movie’s successful haul of over $1 billion globally at the box office, it is hard for many to hold themselves for part 2. The reception for the first movie was incredible. The movie featured seamless animations, unique soundtracks, and a compelling storyline, a typical audience pleaser.

While barely six months after the first film’s release, part 2’s release date has become the talk of the town amidst the ongoing strike. Undoubtedly, the excitement to see Mario and Luigi reappear on the screen is palpable. As we hope for an update from the producers soon, here are some reasons you should wait for the most expected release of Super Mario Bros. 2. Keep reading to learn more!

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Reimagining a Classic World

The first reason to eagerly anticipate the Super Mario Bros. 2 movie is the reimagining of the video game world. The Super Mario franchise had captured the hearts of many, with the latest release reaching remarkable highs at the box office. While the video game has been realized in the newest movie, that’s just a fraction of the expansive landscape. There is more to see.

In the next part, we can hope to see the Mushroom Kingdom bristle with life as we have never seen before. Imagine what the years from now hold and the fantastic visuals we will experience in the coming movie. Super Mario Bros. 1 was awesome; now, visualize something that can be even better.

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From the bustling streets of Toad Town to the lava-filled castles, every incredible location holds the promise of becoming an astounding backdrop on the big screen. As more advanced CGI and visual effects are imminent, you should be in awe of what the next attempt at cinematizing the game will turn out to be.

Iconic Characters in a New Light

Another reason to fasten the seatbelts for this ride into the Super Mario Bros franchise is its characters. Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and several other side characters have appeared on screen. However, that’s just the beginning.

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Not all our favorites are featured in the Super Mario Bros. 1 movie. We can’t wait until they do. If you are like me, excited by the possibility of seeing Princess Daisy in part 2, you should wait. Princess Daisy has so many possible storylines, so she would make an easy addition to the squad we have already seen actualized. She is a love interest for Luigi. Since we didn’t see much of him in this film, we hope that will change in part 2.

While Princess Daisy is the most glaring omission, several others we have yet to see brought to life. Several other remarkable characters have been left out of the grand movie. We want to see other beautiful characters in the brimming cinematic world: Toadette, Wario, Waluigi, and Yoshi.

Unveiling New Adventures

The Brooklyn Brothers and plumbers are set to even more adventures together. While the first film’s storyline was remarkable, it only begs the question of what the second one might hold! What new adventure would we be unveiling?

In the first part, Mario and Princess Peach go on a fascinating adventure with Toad to save Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom. The duo journey together to save the world from the heartless fire-breathing monster called Bowser.

The potential story of the second part of the franchise is countless. The creative team could cook up almost anything. The storylines, plot, and characters; it is enough to make the mouth water in anticipation. While its release date isn’t mainstream, it is a pivotal reason to await part 2.

Visual Spectacle

The second part of Super Mario Bros. promises an immersive visual experience, where viewers are temporarily transported to the Mushroom Kingdom. The cinematic experience is on track to surpass that of this year’s movie and do even better on screen. With advanced technology, the possibilities are endless.

We will see the whimsical characters that couldn’t make the screen in the first movie come to light, along with new scenery. You can expect lush vegetation and heightened levels of realism. The technology we have now can bring these structures to life in a visually appealing way. The jumps, leaps, and graceful glides will take a much better animation.

People are excited about the cinematic experience of the next Mario Bros. movie. We may even be able to view the movie in a virtual reality spectrum. We could relive the days of playing Super Mario Brothers with friends, but there are no consoles this time. Instead, we can watch the scenes unfold and gasp as the characters take us on a new journey.