Indus Battle Royale Mobile

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Indus Battle Royale Mobile is an action, shooter, and battle royale video game developed by SuperGaming SG. This game is set on a mysterious planet where the player is given the task by COVEN to retrieve COSMIUM. COSMIUM is a unique substance that the player has to find to proceed in the game. In this game, the player has to step into the shoes of the Mythwalker named character.

Throughout the game, the objective of the player is to regain the glory of the planet. During the gameplay, the player has to uncover the secrets of the game world. To uncover the secrets of the game world, you have to explore the planet. This game has multiple characters from which you can choose your favorite character to show off your personality.

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Moreover, while playing the game, you have to fight against the enemies and defeat them. To fight against the enemies, the game provides you with multiple weapons like canons and sniper rifles. Before fighting against the enemies, you can choose your favorite weapon. In this post, we have tried our best to provide you with all the game alternatives to Indus Battle Royale Mobile.


  • Diverse game modes
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • 3D visuals
  • Immersive audio
  • Captivating background

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