Free TikTok Followers Techniques and Guide 2024

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TikTok, TikTok, TikTok! This new application has gained enough fame that now Millennials and Generation Z can be seen on it. But not everybody has the right kind of followers or enough followers to become popular on this app or other social media platforms. But you do not have to worry about it, as I am going to help you today with the same issue.

TikTok app has been considered one of the most used and main platforms where people can do all kinds of marketing. You can see different young celebrities making short videos, doing different kinds of stunts, giving each other challenges, and much more.

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All of this is related to the content; the more and better content you upload on your profile, the better the chance that you will get more followers. But this is not that simple. It takes a lot of discipline and effort before one can do the job.

The app started back in 2016, but it did not get the required attention. However, when the pandemic came, people started going online, and this app got the attention it needed. The number of users increased within hours and days. Its popularity skyrocketed, and it has become one of the most used platforms by the current generation.

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As the platform continues to grow, the user base continues to include users outside of the platform’s target Gen Z demographic, first expanding to Millennials and then becoming increasingly popular among Gen X and Boomers.

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How to Grow Your TikTok Followers Free

Increasing followers on any platform is a time-consuming and hectic task, and it cannot be done in just a few days. The reason behind this is that you have to create content that will attract people because if people are attracted, they will gossip with their other friends, which will increase your chances of getting more followers.

Moreover, the better the content you bring, the greater the chance that you will get better marketing chances from brands, and this will help you reach the necessary audience. This is the reason why content matters so much. If you are giving the public the right information, showing some great skills, or doing anything that makes people shocked, surprised, happy, sad, or anything else, you will get followers.

There are different ways through which you have the chance of growing your TikTok followers in 2022: Let’s take a closer look at these tips to grow your TikTok followers, so you can start implementing them today!

1. Identify Your Target Audience

The most important thing about growing followers is that you must know who your people are. For this reason, you have to focus on both geography and demographics. Geography is important because it will give you the right kind of region where your targeted audience is present.

The reason behind this is that your content might be great for people living in Europe but won’t be good for people in Africa or Asia. This is why you need to first identify the audience you want to cover.

So, before you start creating a TikTok marketing or TikTok influencer strategy, it’s important to find out what your target audience is doing on the platform.

Once you have successfully recognized the targeted audience, half of the work is done. From here, you will work on how to engage this audience, what kinds of interests they follow, and much more. Don’t target followers just for the sake of getting followers, because if your content does not excite them, they will leave eventually. Target the right audience with the right kind of content.

2. Leverage TikTok Trends

TikTok is all about videos and the trends that are going on in those videos. So here is your second most important point: the content of your videos must revolve around those trends. The reason is clear: if people are following those trends, they will follow you if your videos fall into that trend.

But the next important thing is whether the people you are targeting are following that particular trend or not. If they are not following, that means you do not have to create videos on that trend, and you can start something else. Maybe something that is truly opposite to that trend will attract that audience that is already against such a trend.

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3. Educate Your Followers

Educating the followers does not mean that you have to teach them a subject or course on something. But it means telling them something new in your videos, something that is related either to their education or to entertainment. For example, you can tell them some interesting ways of solving math questions or experimenting with different things. Or you can make some videos on daily crafts, which can make their lives easier.

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the most interesting and most used things when it comes to making your content noticeable and search-worthy. All the social media platforms use hashtags, which means that whenever anybody types a particular hashtag, if your video has that hashtag attached to it, the video will come up in the search results. However, the story with the hashtags is that they should be relevant. Do not just have hashtags for the sake of it, but add relevant ones so that they can appear under the right search.

5. Cross-Promote Your Videos

Marketing your profile or content only on TikTok is not a healthy option. This will only take you around the audience that is present there. You are required to think outside the box and market your profile on different social platforms so that you bring those people to your profile. In this way, there is a better chance for you to make them your permanent followers.

For this purpose, you can check Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest, or you can make an account on Twitter too. In this way, you will be able to post your videos on all platforms at once and attract more people.

You can go for Instagram Reels or add videos or their links to your Facebook stories or Twitter Fleets, which will direct people directly to TikTok. In this way, when a follower comes, there is a greater chance that he will follow you before leaving your profile.

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6. Post at the Right Time

Timing matters. The time when you are uploading the video and where you are uploading it matter. For example, if you are uploading at night when everyone is asleep, there is the least chance that they will see it in the morning when a bunch of other videos will come on top of it. That is why it is necessary that you upload the video at the right time, mostly during the daytime or before bedtime, so that people can watch it.

7. Create (and Participate in) Challenges

Challenges or contests are the most important entertainment on TikTok or any other social media application. In challenges, you can attract people to participate and upload their video under your video. The technique behind this is that once they have uploaded their video, they will follow you on TikTok to keep receiving updates about you and their video. This will create a kind of engagement among the people.

Moreover, you can yourself participate in different challenges and attract people by your background, dressing, or anything else that you know people in that particular area will love. Your participation shows that you are not just a person but also attached to other people on this application and follow them.

8. Engage With Other TikTok Creators

Well, this is one of the most entertaining things that you can do. Collaboration with other tiktokers gives you the chance to get to know them better. This will also show that you are not just an individual worker or creator, but that you love working in groups where you perform better.

People who live in social circles love those who work with other people to make content. So, you should not shy away from this but create content with those other TikTok creators and take things to another level.

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9. Use User-Generated Content

Well, if you are just a new user on this application, then instead of bringing the new content right away, you can follow other people’s content and copy it in your style. Once people started following you, then bring your content, and this will be the start of your journey.

You can search for the ongoing trend of people through the hashtags and easily create that content. Moreover, the main reason for creating already-made content is the trust that you would get from the people who are already following those old creators.

10. Try a TikTok Growth Tool

I know follower tools are not the right way to get followers, but they can help you get more easily and with less effort. You can use such tools if you have just started using TikTok. These platforms will help you find those followers who are interested in the content that you are creating. Then you can easily get those followers and increase your follower count. Some of the follower-increasing tools are listed below.

  • Social Buddy

Social Buddy uses advanced targeting to help you find followers who are interested in the content you’re creating. You can target potential followers based on industry or niche, relevant hashtags, complementary accounts, and competitors to find followers that match your target audience. The main thing that Social Buddy does is that it helps you identify genuine users and makes your account noticeable to them so that they can follow you. Moreover, it prevents different bots and fake accounts from following you.

  • Social-Viral

SocialViral lets TikTok creators buy TikTok followers at a low rate. It gives you access to new followers instantly, and you can also buy views and likes to boost your content and increase your chances of going viral, so you can start bringing in even more targeted followers that you don’t have to pay for.

  • FeedPixel

FeedPixel is a social media management platform that works for multiple social media platforms. TikTok creators can use FeedPixel to get more followers, views, and likes. It’s available in 75 languages, so no matter where you are, it’ll probably work well for you. The TikTok growth option includes likes and views, and you can even buy followers and shares directly if you want.

11. Get More TikTok Followers with Creativity and Persistence

The popularity of TikTok has increased many times, and with that, more people are coming to TikTok to use it, either for surfing and watching videos or to create videos. The tips that I provided you in this article will help you get more followers for your content, and those followers will be genuine.

With more than 800 billion monthly active TikTok users worldwide, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find your target audience on the platform—you just need to create the content they want to see.

You have to create such content that it will make its place on the For You page, where all the latest and most watched videos are present at all times. This will help you become successful, and you will be able to gain more followers within no time. The more people watch your content, the greater the chance that they will follow you.

All the tips that I gave in this article are important because they are all connected. That is why you must create your content differently and according to the audience you want to target. Once the audience is defined, you can then search for the interests of that audience to keep them engaged and keep on creating such videos.